3. Platform configurations

Moloco arranges discovery meetings for business and technology stakeholders to determine the following details for your ad business operations.


  • Key Business Metrics: Revenue Goal, ROAS target, and target number of advertisers
  • Ad Policy: Attribution window, Pricing models (CPC, CPM, CPT), Bid price range, Auction type (First-price vs. Second-price), Budget type, Budget range, Invalid ad handling policy, Impression definition, and Overspending control.

Ad inventory placement

  • Pages, Ad Placement Locations, and Ad Formats


  • Billing: Payment Method (Prepaid vs. Postpaid)
  • Campaign ending policy: No end date by default vs. Advertiser-given end date by default
  • Campaign termination condition
  • Campaign reactivation condition
  • Prepaid wallet management: minimum balance and maximum balance
  • Postpaid spend control: spend limit, spend limit reset period (monthly vs. bi-weekly)
  • Campaign Management system building: Stand Alone, Widgetized, vs. In-hour development using MCM Management APIs.

In addition, you need to confirm the following information for your ad inventories.

  • Name: The name for the ad inventory.
  • Inventory ID: The unique ID of the ad inventory. This ID can't be updated after it has been created.
  • Location: This is the ad inventory type. Available options are the home page, product detail page (PDP), search result page (SRP), and category page.

Onboarding timeline

TitleTime to PrepareNotes
Onboarding begins1 ~ 2week
Data integration & Synchronization2~3 weeks
Service-side integration & Testing4~8 weeksTimeline may vary depending on the available engineering resources
Initial Model Development & QA2~3 weeksOfficial launch is ready!
Model Fine-tuning & Live Performance QA2 weeks