Suggested Items


The Suggested Items provides data-driven recommendations to advertisers on which items to include in their campaigns for increased efficiency and performance, based on a daily-refreshed suggestion score designed to identify items with high potential for campaign success.

How items are suggested

The suggestion score is derived from various performance metrics, which may include user engagement, sales data, and other relevant factors, ensuring that the suggested items have proven appeal and sales potential.

Items currently in active campaigns or out of stock are excluded to keep the recommendations focused and practical. Furthermore, the system limits the number of recommendations to a manageable number, typically up to ten items.



The exact composition of the suggestion score may evolve over time to incorporate new data insights and market trends.

QuerySuggestedItems API

To get the list of suggested items, use QuerySuggestedItems API.

Sample Request



  • platform_id: The platform's ID in MCM.
  • ad_account_id: The ID of the target ad account.
  • order_by: Sort options for the result.
  • search_keyword: Search keyword. Specific string in the product id/title/category to search for.
  • filter: Query filter.
  • limit: Number of items to be returned. The maximum number is 100.
  • new_item_timestamp: Timestamp for determining whether an item is new.