Management API Error Categories

This guide provides an overview of the various error codes you might encounter when using our API, along with a description of the error and recommended actions.

Error CodeEnumDescriptionWhat to do
1INPUT_VALIDATIONThe input you provided failed validation checks.Double-check your input, make sure it adheres to the required format or parameters, and try again.
100TIMESTAMP_MISMATCHThe timestamp provided doesn't match the latest value.Read the target entity again and retrieve the latest timestamp value.
1000FEATURE_NOT_ALLOWEDThe feature you're trying to use is not allowed for your platform.Review the service terms to understand which features are permitted.
2000REINVITE_NOT_ALLOWEDThe user already exists in the ad account/platform and cannot be re-invited, except for ad account agency users.-
2001LAST_OWNER_REVOKE_NOT_ALLOWEDThe last remaining owner's permissions cannot be revoked.Ensure at least one other owner is present before attempting to revoke permissions.
2002LAST_OWNER_DELETE_NOT_ALLOWEDDeleting the last remaining owner is not permitted.Ensure at least one other owner is present before attempting to delete.
3000INSUFFICIENT_SPENDING_LIMITThe ad account had been suspended due to reaching its spending limit and was reactivated with no change in the limit.Increase the spending limit.
4000MAX_CAMPAIGN_COUNT_REACHEDThe ad account has reached the maximum number (1,000) of campaigns allowed.-
4001MODIFY_ARCHIVED_CAMPAIGN_NOT_ALLOWEDModifications to archived campaigns are not permitted.Unarchive the campaign before making any changes.
4002INVALID_CAMPAIGN_STATUS_FOR_ARCHIVEThe campaign's current status doesn't allow it to be archived.Change the campaign status to one that can be archived (PAUSED or ENDED), and then try again.

If you have additional questions or need further clarification, please refer to the detailed documentation or contact our support team.