9. Pre-launch check

We recommend checking the following before you launch your Moloco Commerce Media platform:

  • The Decision API caller module is effectively handling production traffic,
  • Personalized ads are displayed to users in the marketplace inventories you have specified.
    • Ad items are rendered correctly
    • The requested number of ads are returned correctly
  • Check that the impression/interaction counter is incremented correctly for the tested campaigns
  • All error scenarios show the correct fallback behavior
  • Ensure the following procedures have been completed:
    • Ad Account creation
    • Campaign creation
  • (Optional) Integration of the payment system and Wallet API is working as expected.
  • (Optional) The Spending Limit API is working as expected.

When ready, schedule a session with your Moloco representative to review the pre-launch items and test your platform features. If you encounter any issues, please work with your Moloco representative to debug the issue.